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We are pleased to present the IAUA Certified Directory, listing the IAUA General Members with their Certifications and additional biographical details as they wish.

IAUA Certifications

CPIA ‐ Certified Property Insurance Appraiser
CPIU ‐ Certified Property Insurance Umpire
CPAU ‐ Certified Property Appraiser and Umpire
All listed individuals in this Certified Directory have met all requirements as set forth by the IAUA as follows:
  • Membership application has been approved by the IAUA Board of Directors.
  • Acknowledge that they have read and adhere to the By Laws as set forth by the IAUA, including the Code of Ethics.
  • Member in good standing with the IAUA.
  • Attended and completed the Certification Class and passed the Certification Exam for Appraiser, Umpire or both. These examinations are held by the IAUA in a controlled environment.
  • Maintains Certification by attending the Certification Class at least once every three years for Re‐Certification.

IAUA does not endorse or guarantee the qualifications of any General Members in the Certified Directory. It is up the parties engaging a resource to check references and credentials and to arrange any payments for services.

Pro tip: Use the Advanced search feature to refine your search to a certain city. 

Please check back periodically for IAUA Certified Appraiser and Umpire updates.

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